We are migrating SharePoint from 2010 to 2016. One of steps of the migration is RBS rollback (as you know, we can't upgrade SPContentDB until we have switched off a remote blob storage on that DB) and right in this this moment we are doing this step. Unfortunately we have stacked. After we have started the command $rbs.migrate() three days already have passed, and now try to guess how much does it in percent... It's something about 1,5 after 3 days. So our main question is WHY!!! Why this command is executing so long time? Ofcourse we have a lot of files in that storage (the value is something about 17,5 millions files), but we also have powerfull servers. And every time I watch in time sheduler I see that we have a lot of free resource. Why migration doesn't use it, why this command doesn't work in all possible might?

Please, help us, we can't wait 3 month until this command will be ended.

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