I just recently changed a choice in one of drop down list in my list settings (Red to Yellow).

When I clicked ok and went to view my list, ALL my entries are gone. Is this a glitch? I mean a major glitch?

  • That has never been my experience. Some more details are needed... SharePoint version, anything unique about the list or the column? (customizations, custom formatting, etc.) – Mike Smith - MCT - MVP Apr 3 '19 at 1:26
  • @mike-smith-mct-mvp, thanks for replying. I'm on SharePoint 2013. However, now, it's working. I'm not sure what happened? The only thing is that I requested for my list to be saved as a template and I didn't know they were doing it the time I was experiencing the issue (I don't have permissions to save a list as a template so I have to submit a ticket to request it). Could that have been related? Maybe I was looking at the new list? Not sure how templates work but all I know it's working now. – adams-j Apr 3 '19 at 12:26

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