I have installed NODE 8.15.1 on windows. When i am trying to install yomen using the command

npm install -g yo

I am getting EINTEGRITY error.

npm WARN deprecated cross-spawn-async@2.2.5: cross-spawn no longer requires a build toolchain, use it instead
npm ERR! sha1-fB0W1nmhu+WcoCys7PsBHiAfWh8= integrity checksum failed when using sha1: wanted sha1-fB0W1nmhu+WcoCys7PsBHiAfWh8= but got sha512-xihYwgZFcqeithVl6UQIsKma7Y57gUpN729lk0H58j0WiJoxt8q7J68AtgkETBN19D2xN
7eyCYycdQWfwGFO5w== sha1-d8G3sIoKdhl3I9t25bRBWsBj7xE=. (1595 bytes)

Please see the attached image for more information about the error. Please help me why i am getting this error. Thanks.enter image description here

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