I know modern pages/web parts have been out for a while but i'm just now getting to do some building in it.

I'm using the Modern events calendar how can I customize the webpart/form to show all the attendees or have people easily "RSVP" for an event?

I know that the event content type comes with "Attendees" but it does not show up in the "modern" for view.

All I want to do is show the "Attendees" label or add a "Going/Attending" button underneath the "Add to my calendar" (Red box in picture) that would then add the current user to the Attendees field.

Previously, I would customize the form in infopath, then have a workflow set the user into the attendees field, but that's not possible anymore. Any documentation/guidance on the new process would be great.

Thank you guys,


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Currently, there is no Attendees field in Events web part on Modern pages. It is by default.

As modern pages are continued improving, you can submit a feedback or vote the following user voice about this feature. Attendee List Of Events Web Part

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