All these packages like Node, NPM, Yomen, Gulp, microsoft/Sharepoint-generator are already installed as mentioned in the help document for creating a new SPFx solution. https://www.sharepointsky.com/sharepoint-framework-development/

When i am trying to create a new project using yo @microsoft/sharepoint, after providing all the input values, I am getting the below error.


npm ERR! sha512-Pxm6sI2MeBD7RdD12RYsqaP0nMiwx8eZBXCa6z2L+mRHm2DYrOYwihmhjpkdjUHwQhslWQjRpEgNq4XvBmaAuw== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-Pxm6sI2MeBD7RdD12RYsqaP0nMiwx8eZBXCa6z2L+mRHm2D
YrOYwihmhjpkdjUHwQhslWQjRpEgNq4XvBmaAuw== but got sha512-b8TD4/34N7Aj6IXPmmA5IyBcW7dnVvURvGxWwVxA54dfC1Hb+faFVsBYOJR+3yCTxpkdRg3Ajt/TQkNppV6viw==. (1593 bytes)
npm WARN tar invalid entry
npm WARN tar invalid entry
npm WARN tar invalid entry

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Try this:

1) Delete package-lock.json

2) Delete node_modules

3) npm cache clear -f

4) npm install

5) yo @microsoft/sharepoint

  • I am setting up this environment in my corporate machine. What access and permission are essential in running following the command to install yomen and gulp ... npm install -g gulp or npm install -g yo Do i need to open CMD with administrator rights ? Do my network would need any special proxy settings to install these packages ? Please share your thoughts on this ... Thanks in advance !
    – Karthi
    Apr 8, 2019 at 7:25

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