I have a question. Maybe someone can help.

Current situation:

I use Access to publish a web form on Sharepoint (yes, i know that Web Access is a bad idea and I know that it doesn't get suported anymore). In this web form, users can click different buttons that act as filter criteria. After selecting all filter criteria, a filtered list with the items (max. 1000 items) will be displayed below in a table. At the moment the database has 60'000 items (at the end it will grow up to 300'000 items).


The form works all fine. However, since when the database had more then 25000 items, there's an issue that appears. After selecting all filter criteria, an error massage appears in the table where the list should appear. The error massage says that queries can't return more than 25'000 rows, and then a link-text below: "Click here to try again". Funnily, when I click on "Click here to try again", the table loads half a second and then the filtered list appears! Not only that, the filter criteria can now be changed and no issue happens. Until the user doesn't load the form anew, the error message doesn't appear.

So my form practically works. But I don't want that the users face the error message and have to click on "Click here to try again".


I think this error appears because the whole list gets loaded in the background. However I tried several thinks to prevent the list getting loaded. I even configured that the list firstly returns 0 records when web form is loaded, and should change when all filter criteria have been selected. But nothing helped.

Another idea/workaround is to force the computer to click on "Click here to try again" automatically as soon as the error message appears (maybe with JavaScript?). Does someone how that works?Or any other ideas?

Thanks a lot :)

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