I want to prevent users from opening the library/list source. I created views and I don't want them access to the original list/library and switch between views or modify them.

So how I can hide this link from modern page?

enter image description here

I can accomplish this in the classic mode by embedded CSS into the page, but now with the modern page there is no script editor web part to do that.

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We can install react script editor in site, and add the modern script editor web part into modern page with the code below to hide the "See all".

a[aria-label='See all']{
    display:none !important;

Refer to: Add The Script Editor Webpart back to SharePoint Modern Experience

Or we can inject a custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) on modern pages using SPFx.

react application injectcss


Microsoft has recently added a new option to Show/Hide "see all" link in list/library web part property pane settings.

Check below article for detailed steps to Hide "See all" link of list/document web part in modern page: Show/Hide See All link from SharePoint list/library web parts

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