I've tried several samples SPFx extensions. All samples have the same outcome when it comes to testing (gulp serve) after following the instructions on the samples page.

Most of them just require npm install and adjustments in the serve.json file. However, every time I'm testing it, the extension somehow is not loaded. I won't get an error or anything, but it just doesn't load/execute.

Even when I'm following the helloworld tutorial on the official tutorial series, the extension won't show (except the alert from the very first step).

I also tried on different machines and in different networks, but I was never able to get the samples to do something.

Does anyone have an idea?

Node.js version: 10.15.3 npm version: 6.4.1 gulp version: 2.1.0

Edit: If you try it with NodeJS 8.16 LTS it still has the same problem.

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