I want to attach a remote event receiver to a custom list, so i am planning to follow these steps Attaching Remote Event Receivers to Lists in the Host Web. then i will need to register the remote event receiver inside the AppRegNew.aspx as mentioned on this link Register SharePoint Add-ins.

But seems when we register the app we need to register it under specific site collection <site collection url>/_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx. so in my case i will test the RER on a test site collection and register it inside the test site collection. after that i will upload the RER app to our app catalog site >> remove the test site collection (which i have register the RER inside it) >> add the RER from the app catalog site to the live site collection.. so are the above steps valid? or since i have register the app inside the test site collection <site collection url>/_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx, then the RER app will only work inside the test site collection, and if i remove the test site collection the app will not work on other site collections? Thanks

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