When working with server-side event receivers, I use the below code to check if a wiki page exists inside our "Pages" library or not, using GetFile() + SPFile.Exists:-

DataTable currentTempletePages = properties.Site.RootWeb.GetList(properties.Site.RootWeb.ServerRelativeUrl + templatelisturl).Items.GetDataTable();

foreach (DataRow tempPagename in currentTempletePages.Rows)//check if any of the pages already exsits..
SPFile tempWikiPage = properties.Site.RootWeb.GetFile("/kb/CustomerServiceKB/pages/" + newPageName + ".aspx");

                            if (tempWikiPage.Exists)

But inside SharePoint Client Object Module (CSOM), what are the approaches to do the same steps? as i want to migrate my above server-side event receiver to be inside a client-side remote event reliever.. but i can not find an object named SPFile inside CSOM ... so can anyone advice?

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