i have powershell script of PNP for setting list item value using for loop.

$ListItems_Values=(Get-PnPListItem -List fretag%20vrigt -Fields "FileLeafRef").FieldValues

foreach ($item in $ListItems_Values){ if($item.FileLeafRef -match "Ö") { $item.FileLeafRef=$item.FileLeafRef -replace "Ö","O"

Set-PnPListItem -List fretag%20vrigt -Identity $item.FileLeafRef -Values @{"FileLeafRef" = $item.FileLeafRef} -SystemUpdate:$True

Write-Host $item.FileLeafRef "O is replace" }

else{Write-Host $item.FileLeafRef "O is missing"} }

it fetching value of FileLeafReaf column but when i set using set_pnplist item it throws below error enter image description here

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it is solved.Used $item.ID for set item. It only accept Title,ID and GUID column with identity parameter. foreach ($item in $ListItems_Values){if($item.FileLeafRef -match "Ö"){

$item.FileLeafRefvalue=$item.FileLeafRef -replace "Ö","O"

Set-PnPListItem -List "fretag%20vrigt" -Identity $item.ID -Values @{"FileLeafRef" = $item.FileLeafRefvalue} -SystemUpdate:$True Write-Host $item.FileLeafRefvalue "O is replace" }

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