I want to add (or restore as it may be) the vertical grab bar to allow resizing of the metadata navigation pane on a SharePoint 2013 on premise.

This question has been asked at least twice on StackExchange resize metadata navigation pange or here resize-metadata-navigation-pane-using-code. The former point to Customize-keyfilter-and-treeview-navigation-bar-with-dragable-border which is unfortunately unavailable. It's quoted on this page http://selingernetwork.com/blog/?p=78. I even found a page on this configuration issue on Social Technet sharepoint-2013-customize-document-library-treeview-navigation-bar

BUT I still cannot make it work on our prod instance!I'm not very proficient with SharePoint being really new to it. I have SharePoint designer which is kind of deprecated if I understand well, but still the default tool.

Specifically should I create a custom master page to be used by a specific subsite as I only see a Master Page (how? lost among seattle, v4 or oslo roles!). Is it possible to make this work at Library level? is using "NavResizer.js" script the recommended way? (how again?). Many questions, but same topics! Thx in advance.

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