Set-PnPListItem should set users in list fields but I can't get the format right. Usually, I would set it like documented, i.e. @{"PersonField" = "user1@domain.com","21"}.

However, in my case each list item could have different fields to be updated. Therefore, the hashtable might contain different key-value-pairs for each list item. That's why I need to be able to pass -Value the hashtable itself.

Now, trying to pass a hashtable like this results in ' The specified user could not be found.' :

enter image description here

It seems the error is not due to the hashtable containing multiple pairs. I tried a hashtable with only one pair and the error is the same. Could it have to do with the values not being treated as strings?

Do you have any idea how I can get it to work? Thanks a lot.


So by trial and error I found a workaround but I have no idea why it has to be that way.

The way I populate the hashtable seems to make a difference. What's not working was:

EDIT: So by trial and error I found a workaround but I have no idea why I have to do what I have to do for it to work.

Doing the following does not work with Set-PnPListItem -List $list -Identity [...] -Values $updates:

$updates = @{} if ($null -ne $currentSiteOwners) { $updates.Owner = $currentSiteOwners() }

However, using the .ToLower() method makes it work:

$updates = @{} if ($null -ne $currentSiteOwners) { $updates.Owner = $currentSiteOwners.ToLower() }

The fact that the .ToLower()method converts the id's contained in $currentSiteOwners to lower case cannot be the reason as they are not letters to begin with. The method must be performing some kind of string transformation that -Valueultimately accepts.

Anyone any clue?

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