I am not sure whether this is a known issue or already asked question. So the issue is :

I have a particular site say Subsite1 with few set of Document Sets in a document library which I need to use as template and create subsites based on that template. I tried Granular Export of the Subsite and then Import it to Subsite2. I ended up getting the content with Document sets and files within it.

When I am comparing the Document ID property of the Document Set, it is same for both Subsite1 and Subsite2. But the files within the Document Sets, have a new ID for Subsite2.

Is this known issue ? Can we do something about it ? Any ideas ..Directions ?

Thanks in advance!

  • Both subsites are under same site collection. Document Library I am using is default Documents Document library (Shared Documents). However, for other custom document library - it is having both Document Set as well as Document ( file) same DocumentID when imported. – Krutika B Mar 26 at 4:44

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