I have SharePoint 2013 Workflow that getting Today date to Workflow Variable and Check the Day, but when I try to return workflow variable as Long Date Designer is not allowing to choose and drop down is grayed out

enter image description here

Thank you in advanced

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What’s the action you used to return workflow variable? Different action can only return certain type of Date value.

Per my test, I can get the Long Date type of data via Log to History action.

enter image description here

  • I was using add days and out variable. thank you.
    – mzonerz
    Mar 25, 2019 at 5:10
  • I can reproduce your issue by using "Add time to date" action. It's the default behavior. Mar 25, 2019 at 7:54
  • Thank you Fiona. How check If the variable Contains some certain characters? Ex: if today is Monday I want do some process in my workflow.
    – mzonerz
    Mar 25, 2019 at 9:30

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