I am trying to import a CSV to a SharePoint list which is working for all the field types I need except where the field is Person or Group and it allows multiple selections. I have a Person field where multiple selections are not allowed:

$listItem["SinglePersonField"] = $web.EnsureUser($csvRow.AssignedTo)

The CSV holds the user's email address

I can format the CSV so the multiple users are in one column or several. I tried building a string but it's not working unless I use EnsureUser. Is there a way to ensure multiple users and append them to the multi person field?

  • You’ll need to use a foreach structure and ensure each of the users, and put each of them in an array. Then assign the array to the value of your field.
    – sasfrog
    Commented Mar 23, 2019 at 6:34

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You can put multiple users in a column and use semicolon to spit users. Then ensure each of the users.You could check this article for more:


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