File Not found error is appearing for list items. But sometimes, If I refreshed the same URL It will open the workflow list

And from the Log file I extracted below

Mapping URI from 'http://APP:80/SecurityService/_layouts/15/wrkstat.aspx?List={AC011C49-1B37-4FF7-A62D-8C4551F4C2F4}&WorkflowInstanceName=016dced6-7e43-4821-a4a3-313684c20a38' to 'http://APP23/SecurityService/_layouts/15/wrkstat.aspx?List=%7BAC011C49-1B37-4FF7-A62D-8C4551F4C2F4%7D&WorkflowInstanceName=016dced6-7e43-4821-a4a3-313684c20a38'

In SharePoint designer also I cannot see the workflow list and Its says "There are no items to show in this view."

I have checked the services in app server related to Workflow manager Everything seems up and running.

Thank you in advance.


Is the workflow a SharePoint 2013 platform workflow?

Does this issue happen on a specific one or all workflows?

If you are using SharePoint 2013 platform, you can try to re-register workflow via Register-SPWorkflowService.

After that, create a new SharePoint 2013 workflow and test again.

  • This happened in all the workflow. – mzonerz Mar 24 at 6:37

Removing the Workflow Service Proxy from Central Admin did the trick for me. But doing that removed the ability to create 2013 Workflows.

  • what will happen to existing 2013 workflows????? – mzonerz Jul 16 at 7:12
  • I haven't tested, but i'm asuming those won't work anymore. You'll still have the 2010 option available. – Jaitsujin Jul 17 at 0:45
  • No sujin I have lots of workflows in 2013 version. I noticed this happened because of the Request manager in sharePoint – mzonerz Jul 17 at 5:09

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