For some reason this does not work.

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  • Set to start workflow on item change – Devvvvv Mar 20 '19 at 21:55

Based on your workflow screenshot, these actions are run when the Comment is not empty.

enter image description here

Please check whether the Comment is empty when editing the item. if it is empty, these action will not be run.

And you should put the "if Status Changed equals No" condition and "if Status Changed equals Yes" condition outside the condition "if current item:Status Before not equals current item:Request Status". In your workflow, you set the Status Changed to Yes and then check whether Status Changed is Yes or not. The "if Status Changed equals Yes or No" is useless as it is set to "Yes" in the above action.

enter image description here

You can try the following workflow:

enter image description here

if you want to check the Status changed when the Comment is not empty, move up check status actions under "set variable:Comment Copy to current Item:Comment" action.

enter image description here

By the way, you can use "log to History List" to debug the workflow. And Note that, if you are using a System Account, the workflow will not function properly or won’t start automatically.

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