I am working on a custom list inside sharepoint online classic UI. and inside the custom list i have 2 fields:-

  1. "ResponsibilityOwner" --> People/Group which allow single value.
  2. "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" --> Date only.

now i want to force the "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" to be required in-case the "ResponsibilityOwner" is not empty.

so inside the new/edit list forms i added this script, to check if the "ResponsibilityOwner" contain a user value:-

function PreSaveItem(){
var result = true;
var owner = $("input[id*='ResponsibilityOwner_']");
var attr  = owner.attr('value');
if (typeof attr !== typeof undefined && attr !== false || attr !== "[]") {

return result;


but i did not find any way that can allow me to check if the "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" contain a date value or not. as when i select a date from the calendar, i can not find how this is stored inside the related "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" input field?

here are the 2 fields:- enter image description here

so can anyone advice on this please?

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    Better use PreSaveAction as explained in the answer. In this function check for if ($('[id$="_$ClientPeoplePicker_HiddenInput"]').val() != '[]' && $('[id$="_$DateTimeFieldDate"]').val() === "") return false;
    – Steve T
    Mar 20, 2019 at 19:17
  • @SteveT you approach of using PreSaveAction worked well for me,, i am not sure why my original PreSaveItem was not able to catch the date value?
    – John John
    Mar 20, 2019 at 21:27
  • @Steve T your above code worked for me,, if u can add your comment as a reply so i can accept it.. thanks for the help.
    – John John
    Mar 23, 2019 at 0:18

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Better use PreSaveAction . In this function check for:

if ($('[id$="_$ClientPeoplePicker_HiddenInput"]').val() != '[]' &&  $('[id$="_$DateTimeFieldDate"]').val() === "") { return false; }

(depending on the number of peolplepickers and date fields in your form you might have to adjust the selectors)

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