I want to create an aspx file where I will have a tab to upload a file in SharePoint Online library. On upload, I want to check whether the file title is having the correct format or not. If file is not having the right format, I have to request user to check for the format. So, can some one help me with this?


Sample regex for file type validation, hope it would help you.

// Get test values from the file input and text input page controls.
        var fileInput = jQuery('#getFile');
        var newName = jQuery('#displayName').val();

        var parts = fileInput[0].value.split('\\');
        var fileName = parts[parts.length - 1];
        var fileRegex = new RegExp('\.[^.\\/:*?"<>|\r\n]+$');
        var fileType = fileName.match(fileRegex)[0];

You could use official demo to upload file(above test demo is based on official demo also).


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