I will try and be as brief and simple as I can be in my explanation.

We have a SharePoint site with project items listed, the title is using managed metadata, the column is 1 column which within the SharePoint site is translated, and the description field is using a french and English column, one shows up on the Englishsite, the other on the french site.

We created a Search Query Web Part, and are able to show the items in that search web part, of the list of projects. It displays showing the Title column and the Description column. We wanted these two columns to show up in French if the user was in the French settings site. I was able to edit the Display template, and replace the column name DescriptionEN (English), with the column DescriptionFR (French), and when I re-uploaded the display template, the column translated, as it was now pulling the french column when a user is signed in with french settings.

The issue I am having, is that I am unable to translate the Title column in the web part, since it's only 1 column, unlike the Descriptions columns, which have an English and French counterpart. When I am on the actual site library, the column is translated through SharePoint if a user switches their language. So when I edit the Display template to try and make the Title column translate, there is not other column to indicate in its place. I understand that to EASILY solve this, I would just need to make another column called TitleFR (French) and then complete the same steps as I did for Description column.

I am looking to see if someone is aware of a way to translate a column within a search query web part? I can provide more information if necessary. Thanks

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