I am having a strange situation where I am not able to view a site collection as a site collection administrator. The catch is that I created the site collection admin through CSOM.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create the site collection
  2. Create the user with csom and assign IsSiteAdmin to the user.

    using (ClientContext clientContext = getClientContext((string)action["SiteCollectionUrl"])) {
    UserCreationInformation userCreationInfo = new UserCreationInformation();  
    userCreationInfo.LoginName = "mydomain\\owner3f3f152a7b39";
    userCreationInfo.Title = "Fnowner3f3f152a7b39 Lnowner3f3f152a7b39";
    User spUser = clientContext.Site.RootWeb.SiteUsers.Add(userCreationInfo);  
    spUser.IsSiteAdmin = true; 
  3. Log in as the user and navigate to the site and you will get "you do not have permission to access this site."

If I delete the user that I created from the users page: http://win-d9fm7ip9r36/sites/3f3f15-ec-10cd-4fd5-8973-11f297921cf1/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/_layouts/15/user.aspx
Then I recreate the user using the UI, it works fine.

I think the problem is with how I am creating the user.

When I create the user using my CSOM program, the user looks like this:

Account     MYDOMAIN\owner3f3f152a7b39
Name    Snowner3f3f152a7b39 Fnowner3f3f152a7b39

When I create the user from the UI, it looks like this:

Account     i:0#.w|mydomain\owner3f3f152a7b39
Name    Snowner3f3f152a7b39 Fnowner3f3f152a7b39

What am I missing? Why is the claims prefix not being added? Is that something we have to do manually?

In other words, should I have done this?

    userCreationInfo.LoginName = "i:0#.w|mydomain\\owner3f3f152a7b39";

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Have you tried using web.EnsureUser(loginName) to add the user? Also, I stumbled on this other article that seems to be saying that if you are using claims, you do need to include the claims prefix as part of the login name.

  • confirmed. adding the claims prefix fixes the issue! thanks. Also +1 for the link. Commented Mar 19, 2019 at 14:59

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