Quick question: Does anyone know of a way to change the order of the nodes in let's say the QuickLaunch nav when adding them via Add-PnPNavigationNode? I only know of the -first parameter.

Thanks a lot!


Appreciate this is a few months old but I had a similar problem today. When adding a new node with CSOM, using the NavigationNodeCreationInformation class, you can specify the previous node. If you need to reorder existing nodes programmatically, I think you would have to delete and recreate them (haven't found a way to reorder existing nodes).

NavigationNodeCreationInformation Class


To set the order of node in Quick launch, we can only use CSOM to update the relevant node via AsLastNode property.

Reference: NavigationNode class

  • Thanks, not sure if I've interpreted correctly but let's assume we have three nodes: node 1-3. Now I want node 1 to become node 2. How would I do that if I can only specify a node to become the last one? – colonel_claypoo Mar 21 '19 at 9:42

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