Is it possible to update SharePoint Online build-in fields (like "Created by") by using Microsoft Flow?

When creating a new flow and using step "Update file properties", I can only select values to be updated for Title and newly created custom fields, but there are no possibilities to update built-in fields. Is it possible at all?


You can update the Author (Created By) or another field by using REST API _api/web/lists/GetByTitle('<list>')/items(<item id>) and send POST request in the flow.

For example:

enter image description here


By default, the Author is read-only field. You need to change the attribute ReadOnlyField to false for this field. You can post to: /_api/web/lists/getByTitle('<list>')/Fields('<fieldguid>') and update the field ReadOnlyField to false. After that, the field value can be editable.

  • Thank You - I will definitely try this approach. – Kristaps Vilerts Mar 19 at 12:54

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