I want to modernize site pages by following the .NET version of this Microsoft Blog: Modernize your SharePoint Pages I added the nugget package, I use a SharePoint Online Url.

When I get to the code

PageTransformator pageTransformator = new PageTransformator(ctx);

I get the error

Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express\webpartmapping.xml'.

Altough I have the webpartmapping.xml in the project.

Webpartmapping file in solution explorer

and the webpartmapping properties are "copy always". Webpartmapping properties

Any idea why I get this error?


Found it! Thinking about it, it was a stupid question :P

Just took the file from my project, found at the location in the file's properties: Location of file

and moved it to the location given in the error.

Tadaah, it works.

Although I expected it to do be moved automatically. Maybe because I don't have Visual Studio opened as Administrator (for reasons)

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