After much online research, I believe the answer will be "no," but I wanted to exhaust all avenues just in case. My question is, can you exclude a specific folder within a doc lib from being synced? The use-case is that there is the same folder within several of our sites who's contents are GIGANTIC and maxes out memory once a user syncs locally. I know that, once you sync, you can pick and choose which folders to continue syncing from the systray's "settings," but is there a way to turn it off this giant folder prior to actually syncing to avoid memory issues? Thank you in advance.



For OOTB method, we can only use OneDrive settings->Choose folders to stop sync certain folder in a document library.

As a workaround, you can use some third party tool to selectively sync folders.

Reference: How to Selectively Sync Folders to OneDrive for Business

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