I have four SharePoint 2016 servers:

  • 2 Application with Search
  • 2 Front-End with Distributed Cache

I migrated Search Service from SharePoint 2013 to 2016 and I need to set up search topology. I found recommendations that say components like Admin, Analytics, Content Processing, Index Partition are on both Application with Search and Search Query Processing Component as the only component should be on both Front-end with Distributed Cache, like this:

enter image description here

When I use command: New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryProcessingComponent -SearchTopology $newTopology -SearchServiceInstance $FrontEndServer1

then I get error:

New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryProcessingComponent : You can only deploy search components on servers that have the "Search", "SingleServerFarm" or "Custom" role.

Can I create Search Query Processing Component on Front-end with Distributed Cache or no? If yes, how please?

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