I am trying to add a mailto link or button to a modern SharePoint online page. I want such that when the link is clicked, it will launch Microsoft Outlook or the email client. I have tried using the quick links web part but it is not accepting the link (mailto:myemail@domain.com). It seems to be expecting a link that must start with https://

I would like to know if there are other options I can use to achieve my goal.

thanks in advance.

  • Sorry, this did not work for me. – user83979 Apr 24 at 21:16
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    As mentioned by the second responder, this can only be achieved using a text web part. That is what I ended up using. The link and quick links web parts don't allow for non-https links. Hopefully Microsoft will make adjustments in the future. – Donspeck Apr 27 at 7:48
  • This does not allow for providing mailto: links. It auto redirects to https:// – Swapna Jun 26 at 15:49

Follow below steps to add Hyperlinks on your Modern(Site) Pages:

  1. Go to your page and Select Edit page from right top corner.
  2. Click on + from section where you want to add hyperlink.
  3. Select Text(AA) from Featured section.
  4. Then select hyperlink/attachment pin in the text box web part or just click Ctrl+K inside text box web part.
  5. Provide mailto:myemail@domain.com in Address and Display text in Text to display.
  6. Save.

You can use a normal text block to include a mailto link, as both the Link and Quick Links parts don't allow non-http(s) links.

enter image description here

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