We are in the process of migrating sites from 2010 to Online. I noticed some strange behavior creating new workflows for Online sites. Using designer I am creating emails, I don't see some people as options using the 'Select Users' name picker. I clicked on the option 'People/Groups from SharePoint site..' and was able to search and find them there, but when I select them I get a prompt saying they may not be valid on the site the workflow is published on and they may not get an email. Sure enough, they weren't recipients on the email.
I then sent them a direct link to the site and they confirmed access to it. Once this was done I went back to designer, and now see them as options in the 'Select Users' picker, and they now start getting emails from the workflow.

  • Is this normal/expected behavior?
  • Do they need to connect to the Online environment before they are considered valid users?
  • Is there a better way to get people identified as valid users, or do they need to log into Online first?
  • Am I completely off base here?

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