I have been working on mysites within my Sp2016 environment recently.

I have my bindings and ports to http/https set up in IIS.

I have AAM set up (http as default, https as Intranet).

My site host location is http://mysite.xxxxxxxx.co.uk:80/

I have URL rewrite set up via IIS (to direct to https).

The initial mysite set up was created before I was assigned the project, but I have done all of the above.

Whats happening - When I search for a person, their profile picture is trying to hit http and doesnt display - the hyperlink of their name is going to https and works.

When testing on a page, with a newsfeed....

Profile pic and hyperlink for myself are correctly going to https. For other users in the 'conversation', profile pic and hyperlink to http (profile picture displays though).

I appreciate this all sounds a bit screwy (I'm struggling to get my head round it, hence why I am here). I would be grateful for any pointers on cause, and if possible any tips on how to resolve.

Thanks for reading.

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