I have a list in SharePoint Online which is used to submit and track requests. Put simply, a user can create a list item (a request), set an 'Assigned To' field to a staff member's name, and that person will receive an email saying "please review this request".

A request will go through a number of different approvers before an overall decision to approve the request is made. For example, person X will receive an email, check over the request, then set the 'Assigned To' field to person Y to initiate an email notification to them.

When the final decision is made, e.g. the request status is changed from 'Pending' to 'Approved', I want an email to be sent to all approvers who's names had been put into that 'Assigned To' field.

I tried to create a workflow where, when a new name is put into the 'Assigned To' field, a hidden column called 'ApproverList' auto-populates with that name. The idea was that each time a new approver is added, this hidden colum builds a list of who has approved it. I could then create another workflow that sends an email to that list of users once the request is fully approved.

For some reason I couldn't get this to work, the hidden column wasn't populating when I changed the 'Assigned To' field. Both fields are person fields that allow multiple selections.

Hopefully that all makes sense, if anybody might be able to help with a solution I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks

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