Is there a way to provide a modern ui site template based on an XML file? This doesn't seem to work.

$site_script = Get-Content -Path "./siteTemplate1.xml" -Raw
$SiteScript = Add-SPOSiteScript  -Title "siteTemplate XML"  -Content $site_script  -Description "siteTemplate1 XML" 
Add-SPOSiteDesign  -Title "siteTemplate XML"  -WebTemplate "64"  -SiteScripts $SiteScript.Id  -Description "siteTemplate1 XML"

I tried different ways with PnP-provisioning but making an JSONfile from scratch is just a real pain in the a .. arm.

Some sitetemplates need managed metadata column and connected to a specific hubsite... others sitetemplates need different coloring, ...

Any ideas?


I think you are stuck with using JSON I'm afraid.

Have you tried using e.g. this tool to get a start on the JSON? https://www.sitedesigner.io/#/ so that you do not have to start from scratch.

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