How to import Active Directory profile pictures into SharePoint 2019?

SPMA EXPORT is not working. It shows stopped. Any help? enter image description here

  • Is there any extra detail you'd like to provide? Other users might find it useful. – Tally Mar 12 '19 at 8:43

if you want to import pictures, you need to use MIM instead of Active Directory import. Here is great article about it.

Or you can use some PowerShell script for importing photos, like here.

Hope it helps!

  • You mean MIM? SharePoint no longer brings along FIM for the ride. – Greg W Mar 12 '19 at 10:06
  • yes MIM see in post – Zdeněk Vinduška Mar 12 '19 at 10:27
  • Cool. Not trying to be pedantic, just accurate for future googlers. – Greg W Mar 12 '19 at 10:36

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