I created a spfx extension that shows a dialog using

 Dialog.alert(`Are you sure you want to open Quarter ${selectedItem.Quarter} for Period ${selectedItem.Period}?`).then(() => {

then updates selected item if the user press Ok. Its working but, even if i dont click OK and just click outside the dialog, it will still update the selected item.

How can i add cancel button?

Also i want to display a spinner inside the dialog when the user press OK. Is it possible?


By writing Dialog.alert(message).then(/*stuff*/), you are saying that you want Dialog to alert, then always run the /*stuff*/ after the dialog closes, regardless of the way it closes. This leads to the behavior you observe.

To your first question, I would hazard a guess that there's a similar method Dialog.confirm(message).then(/*stuff*/), which would prompt the user for a "OK" or "Cancel" response, then runs /*stuff*/ conditionally only if the user selected "OK". However, I'm not sure what Dialog API you're using, so I recommend you review the documentation for that component/library for details.

In the worst case, you could create an event listener on the OK button which sets a boolean (ex. userClickedOk) to true when the user clicks OK, so the code could look like this:

Dialog.alert(`Are you sure you want to...?`).then(() => {
    if (userClickedOk) {

To your second question, you'll need to provide more details about the library you're using. It's certainly possible - with vanilla JavaScript, you could attach an event listener to the "OK" button, which then attaches some spinner HTML to the dialog. But there might be a better/easier way provided through the API.

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  • Are you using the Dialog from @microsoft/sp-dialog? If so, it looks like they do not have a simple Yes/No or Ok/Cancel dialog type. However they give you an implementable class called [BaseDialog](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/javascript/api/sp-dialog/basedialog?view=sp-typescript-latest) which you can use to create your own Dialog with the specific requirements. You can see Use custom dialog boxes with SPFx Extensions which addresses List View Command Sets. – Richard Li Mar 11 '19 at 21:23
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    Thanks guys.. I already solved the problem by creating a custom dialog – Daniele Sto Domingo Mar 12 '19 at 7:25

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