I am trying to access Document Libraries and List Libraries(Custom) through CMIS service in SharePoint. I am able to access all document libraries but I am not able to access List Libraries.

Workbench and Postman(where I am testing the connectivity) is showing List with given name not found!

This my first time working with CMIS service I am certainly confused where would have gone wrong.

Accessing URLs: http://site-site/_vti_bin/cmis/rest/d97c88ca-db12-481a-b8e2-87c9f351044f?getRepositoryInfo

Any Idea why?

  • Would you mind posting a screenshot? Thanks :-) Mar 11 '19 at 1:50
  • Also, when you sniff network traffic with Wireshark (or equivalent), do you see the correct information coming out of SharePoint? Mar 11 '19 at 1:56
  • You wrote "but List Libraries". You mean "but NOT List Libraries", right? Mar 11 '19 at 1:56
  • Hi Nic! yes Im not able to get list libraries.
    – mzonerz
    Mar 11 '19 at 4:41
  • I just only want to Know that CMIS producer in SP is supporting for List libraries or not.
    – mzonerz
    Mar 11 '19 at 8:47

SharePoint does not support Lists Libraries with CMIS.



The document library is the only supported as a CMIS Repository in SharePoint.

For more details, please check

  • Hi Mohamed, Thank you for your reply. yes I am using correct GUID. Even I called getrepositories It is only listing down Site Assets, Documents and Images not My Custom List which is already exists. Is this the behavior?
    – mzonerz
    Mar 10 '19 at 8:24

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