In SharePoint 2019, the left-hand side of the Suite Bar contains the text "SharePoint" - is there a way to customize that text?
Branding SharePoint: The New Normal does not cover this, and the property "SuiteNavBrandingText" (see SharePoint 2016 How to Change SuitBar’s Text PowerShell) does not work either.
I would like to do it in powershell, so that e.g. no CSS needs to be updated.


$WebApp= Get-SPWebApplication "http://webapp" $WebApp.SuiteNavBrandingText = "Name" (Sharepoint to be replaced ) $webapp.Update()

  • That's setting the property "SuiteNavBrandingText" as already mentioned in the question. That approach does not work for SharePoint 2019 :-( – user1730 Mar 8 at 15:43

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