I have a List which I have created a view using the "Preview Pane" style

enter image description here

I would now like to add a JsLink file so that I can restrict certain elements based on javascript (There is no search available for these styled views, so I want to make it manually)

The problem is, whenever I ad a JSLink, no matter what the file is, it could be completely empty, the list doenst show any items.

enter image description here

There should be many list items.

I have tried many different JsLink.js combinations, but right now I am trying to work backwards, I first just want the list to display normally with all items WITHN a jslink, and then I will start to filter/change the list as required via the jslink.

Even if my jslink is empty, it removes the items:

(function () {
console.log("TemplateManager", SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager);

this does not override anything, but it does ruin the list.. How can I make it render normally with a Jslink file?

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