What say about this test? The Test-SPSite team showed the following

  1. SPSiteHealthResult Status=Passed RuleName="Conflicting Content Types" RuleId =befe203b-a8c0-48c2-b5f0-27c10f9e1622,
  2. SPSiteHealthResult Status=FailedWarning RuleName="Custom files" RuleId= cd839b0d-9707-4950-8fac-f306cb920f6c,
  3. SPSiteHealthResult Status=Passed RuleName="Lack of collections" RuleId=ee9671 97-ccbe-4c00-88e4-e6fab81145e1,
  4. SPSiteHealthResult Status=Passed RuleName="Missing Parent Content Types" RuleI d=a9a6769f-7289-4b9f-ae7f-5db4b997d284...}

enter image description here

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Looks like, in your site collections you have some custom files for which you are getting warning.

Customized File Rule: This rule checks for any files that have been customized using a file editor such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer or Notepad or by changing some of the file properties.

also check this

In any repair or upgrade process these files will not work properly.

Other than that, i think your site is in good shape.


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