We have a requirement in which a custom date field is displayed in the format:




How can I achieve this at the Site Column level? Does it require JSON Column formatting? I do NOT want to use a Calculated field.


It's impossible to apply custom string formats using column formatting currently. Please see custom formatter reference https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/declarative-customization/column-formatting

Operator supported for date fields are:


So I think calculated column is your best option.

  • I specifically stated no Calculated columns. They still have the same issues they did years ago. You can't paste in data because they're read only. And why does this work =TEXT(Created,"YYYYMMdd") while this doesn't =TEXT(MyDateField,"YYYYMMdd")... makes no sense. – Michael Colbs Mar 5 at 19:20
  • What do you mean that =TEXT(MyDateField,"YYYYMMdd") doesn't work? Please share more information about it. – Michael Han_MSFT Mar 7 at 7:19

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