I want to develop a customized interface like delve. I am trying to call data using microsoft graph. I am able to get all recent flies for me but unable to get for others onedrive, even using SPFX app.


I get the result for that.


I get the result for this as well.


I Get access denied for this with below mentioned error.

{ "error": { "code": "accessDenied", "message": "You can only call view.recent on a drive you own.", "innerError": { "request-id": "c9ecc2a1-71db-4ea6-9c7f-51e65de1ef0d", "date": "2019-03-04T11:38:48" } } }

I want to create a delve like interface with all recent files worked by a user.

  • what permissions have you given to your app ? – Gautam Sheth Mar 4 at 12:18

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