How can I create a new managed property with an integer data type in the search schema in SharePOint Online?


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Use one of "unused Managed Properties" named Int00 - Int49.


Basic steps:

  1. Create a new Site Column in one of your Site Collections.
  2. Add this column to a list or library and add at least one item to the list with data in the new column.
  3. Wait for, or force, a search crawl.
  4. In the SharePoint search admin site find Manage Search Schema.
  5. In the Schema page click Managed Properties, if not selected.
  6. Search for “Int” and select a property that does not currently have an assigned Crawled Property.
  7. Edit the property and add an Alias. "MyInt"... what your user will type in a search.
  8. Just below Alias, click Add a Mapping and select the Crawled Property for your new Site Column. (If your column is named "Item Count" then the Crawled Property would have a name something like "ows_Item_x0020_Count". (guessing from memory!)
  9. Request a recrawl of the library that contains these documents. (Library Settings, Advanced)
  10. Wait... and test. MyInt>5 etc.

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