I’m asking this because I’ve started a new job as a Jr. Software Developer. Currently the role has a heavy emphasis on SharePoint development, as the company hasn’t ever had a developer assist with the management of their SharePoint, only Network Engineers. Currently running SP 2013, but will be migrating to 2016 and then 2019.

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks learning the OOTB functionality of SharePoint. I’ve come to conclude that when faced with new business requirements, a truly proficient SharePoint Developer must be able to accurately decide when it is appropriate to when to:

A.) Simply employ OOTB functionality.

B.) Enhance OOTB functionality/styling with client side JavaScript, HTML, CSS and/or JQuery.

C.) Utilize SharePoint templates or C# code to create solutions.

Of course, there is much more to consider beyond what I’ve listed. However, my question here is more of a poll to the readers as to whether or not I’m adopting the correct philosophy for this role. Hopefully your responses will be accompanied by years of experience as a SharePoint Developer.


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