I have a pivot table chart I would like to display on a Sharepoint page. Fast forward to 2mins 58sec in this Kalstrom video where he inserts an Excel chart in to a web page. I'd like to do the same.

I'm using SP 2013 On Premises.

I've found a few good posts where a web part called Excel Web Access is used; this web part is part of a group called Business Data. I don't have this web part.

I've read that a feature called SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features but I don't see this feature at all. I'm using SP2013 On Premises, could it be because this feature is only in Enterprise? As you see here:


I'm also open to finding other ways to display the chart. In the past I have saved the Excel tab (chart), I thought I'd mention that as an option to others in the same situation as me.

html page

Any other suggestions please!

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It seems you are running Sharepoint Foundation not Enterprise so you don't have that features available.

Have a look at this thread it may give some ideas about alternatives.

Display Charts in SharePoint 2010 WITHOUT using Excel Services and Chart Web Parts


I found I could achieve what I needed another way, so I didn't need to mess with Features in the end.

I found I could save individual Excel tabs as .htm/.html web pages. I saved these to a Wiki Page Library.


For each graph I created a new wiki page and used the Page Viewer web part to embed the .htm/.html file I created from Excel. Make sure you save them all in the same place (i.e. the same Wiki Page Library).

enter image description here

Then I made a new page as a Graphs Menu, just a simple page with links to the wiki pages, just to make it easier for the users to find the graph they are interested in.

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