I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of using the Azure Default and Custom storage account for SharePoint Migration.

From this Link I understood following points regarding Azure Default Storage account:

  • Cost : Free (now part of the basic SharePoint online offering)
  • Containers and queues : unique per request and not reused
  • Deletion Policy : Microsoft will automatically destroy the container within 30 to 90 days
  • Key to Container : only valid for 3 days

About Azure Custom Storage Account can you please help me understand following points:

  • Cost : Depends upon the stored data??
  • Containers and queues : Are they reusable/shareable??
  • Deletion Policy : as its paid I'm assuming it will not deleted automatically. Can you confirm?
  • Key to Container : As long as Container exists ??

Also, Is there any restriction on amount of data uploaded to Default vs custom storage and which one is recommended during SharePoint migration?

Also, Can we view the uploaded data to Default/Custom storage account if we have access to Key?

Thanks and Regards,
Swapnil Lad

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