I upgraded our sharepoint 2013 environment to Sharepoint Server 2016: (Installed new server(s), imported the WSS_Content DB from old server)

We have a document library containing legacy .doc files and more recent .docx files. All the documents in this library contain "quick Parts" in the footer to show the current document version. When you open any word document the behaviour used to be that the "Current Version" document property is automaticly inserted in this quick part, so that the footer of my document always shows the current version.

However, since upgrading it seems that the "Current Version" DocProperty is no longer updated! For .docx this results in having to press F9 on the field to get the latest version For .doc this means the version is never updated at all...

Question is: What changed from Sharepoint foundation 2013 to Sharepoint Server 2016 with regards to showing the current version inside a document?

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