I need help adding some logic to my syntax. Current formula is set to the following value and it works perfectly:

=IF(AAA<>"","Closed",IF([BBB]<>"","Pending Approval","Pending Review"))

I would like to add some OR logic to this part ([BBB]<>""OR"ZZZ", and essentially want the formula to perform this:

=IF(AAA<>"","Closed",IF([BBB]<>""OR"ZZZ","Pending Approval","Pending Review"))

this doesn't work either:

=IF(AAA<>"","Closed",IF(OR(ISBLANK([BBB]),"Pending Approval"),"Pending Review"),(OR([BBB])<>"ZZZ","Pending Approval","Pending Review")

Can anyone help with this?


Use below:

=IF(AAA<>"","Closed",IF(OR(BBB<>"",BBB="ZZZ"),"Pending Approval","Pending Review"))

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