Within an InfoPath 2013 form on my SharePoint-Site (2013 on-prem) I would like to include a button, which directs (onclick) to an external URL.

I am pretty new to InfoPath and did not find yet any material on board for solving this requirement.

I need a solution without using SharePoint-Designer, as this tool is strictly prohibited in my company.


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I have solved my demand with following workaround:

1) I created a button in InfoPath (with no rule on)

2) On SharePoint, I checked with the dev-tools of Webbrowser (F12) the ID of the rendered button:

enter image description here

3) On this site, where the form is displayed, I added a Script-Editor with the following Code (containing the specific ID of the button):

document.getElementById("ctl00_SPWebPartManager1_g_00d4f4ae_096b_445e_8be6_35b5be425a03_FormControl0_V1_I1_PB7").onclick = function() {

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