I'm creating a Sharepoint workflow using SP Designer 2013. I'm using the approval workflow where the approval task then gets emailed to someone in the workflow. In Outlook you then get a 'Open this task...' button where you can add comments and approve or reject the task.

This is all fine but the problem is when you select approve or reject it takes the user to the task list which doesn't look great. I'd like to redirect them to a thank you page or some other homepage on our SharePoint site.

In this past to get around this i've added a link into the email itself where you can set the the source to go to any page you specify. e.g. [%Current Task:Form_URN%]&Source=http://sharepoint/sitename

However the 'open this task' button remains in Outlook and if the user chooses to they can approve it via that and still be redirected to the task list instead of using the link in the email.

Is it possible to change where the Approve and Reject buttons take you via the 'Open this task' button to after selecting them. Or is it possible to get rid of this 'Open this task' button altogether for this specific workflow.

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