We are trying to clean up our Content Databases to remove errors such as MissingFeature. However we can't find these mission features using normal means, or any article I've yet found.

An example is

Category        : MissingFeature
Error           : True
UpgradeBlocking : False
Message         : Database [WSS_Content_DB1] has reference(s) to a missing feature: Id =
Remedy          : Feature (Id = [2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a]) is referenced in database [WSS_Content_DB1],
                  but isn't installed on the current farm. The missing feature might cause upgrade to fail. If
                  necessary, please install any solution that contains the feature and restart upgrade.
Locations       :

However the only place I can find a reference to this Feature Id is in the database itself under the FeatureTracking table.

I can directly delete these entries from that table and the errors go away.

Is there a supported method to remove these references to remove these errors from a Test-SPContentDatabase test?

Things we've tried

Get-SPFeature 2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a

Returns nothing

Script from http://get-spscripts.com/2011/06/removing-features-from-content-database.html returns nothing

Get-SPFeature | ? { $_.Scope -eq $null }

Returns nothing

stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id 2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a -force

Didn't fix this

select *
FROM [WSS_Content_DB1].[dbo].[Features]
where FeatureId = '2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a'

Returns nothing

Feature Admin doesn't find anything missing


use this script it should help you. Remove ReportOnly switch after verifying it found what you need:

asnp Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell

function Remove-SPFeatureFromContentDB($ContentDb, $FeatureId, [switch]$ReportOnly)
    $db = Get-SPDatabase | where { $_.Name -eq $ContentDb }
    [bool]$report = $false
    if ($ReportOnly) { $report = $true }

    $db.Sites | ForEach-Object {

        Remove-SPFeature -obj $_ -objName "site collection" -featId $FeatureId -report $report

        $_ | Get-SPWeb -Limit all | ForEach-Object {

            Remove-SPFeature -obj $_ -objName "site" -featId $FeatureId -report $report

function Remove-SPFeature($obj, $objName, $featId, [bool]$report)
    $feature = $obj.Features[$featId]

    if ($feature -ne $null) {
        if ($report) {
            write-host "Feature found in" $objName ":" $obj.Url -foregroundcolor Red
            try {
                $obj.Features.Remove($feature.DefinitionId, $true)
                write-host "Feature successfully removed from" $objName ":" $obj.Url -foregroundcolor Red
            catch {
                write-host "There has been an error trying to remove the feature:" $_
    else {
        #write-host "Feature ID specified does not exist in" $objName ":" $obj.Url

Remove-SPFeatureFromContentDB -ContentDB "WSS_Content_DB1" -FeatureId "2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a" -ReportOnly

Hope it helps!

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  • Thank you for a reply, but unfortunately I've tried that. I will update a list of things I've tried. – Kirk Feb 27 '19 at 14:02

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