I am running SharePoint 2010 Configuration wizard to check for errors and I am getting following error in Log.

System.ArgumentException : error during decryption. system error code 0. at microsoft.sharepoint.administration.SPCredentialManager.DecryptWithKey(Byte[] rgbEncryptedPassphrase GetFarmEncryptionKey DecryptWithMasterKey GetSecureStringValue SPWebServiceInstance.Provision

Actually I was trying to deploy WSP via Update-SPSolution.

Getting this error:

Error during decryption. system error code 0.

When I try to update WSP by Update-SPSolution or run any other SharePoint command.

enter image description here

Kindly help.


  • are you runing this PSConfig under Farm Administrator Account? The One you set while installing SP16? - PSConfig under "Run As Administration" too? – Zdeněk Vinduška Feb 25 at 9:25
  • yes, i am using farm admin account, running as Administrator. – mianimraniqbal Feb 25 at 10:36
  • i have created a test environment, and created new Config database. Now i can deploy WSP without any error, these issues not there. But how to resolve this issue on Production environment ? Creating new config database on Production is like full farm setup and need to recreate/reconfigure everything. – mianimraniqbal Feb 25 at 11:05

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